Sunday, January 29, 2012

Professor Bubba

Bubba never was a believer in dog tricks. He knows sit, come, stay, give me five and navy seal. Sometimes he will reluctantly perform them with a very bored look...not any more.

We now have Luna a young little rescue who I am training. She knows come. When I train her, Professor Bubba barges in and shows how it is done to perfection. He does not wait...I am saying "stay" and the Professor will give his paw or start with a Navy Seal routine. It is as if he is saying "Luna, just don't bother, you will never achieve my level"

Bubba is a very welcoming, almost zen-like dog. He is accepting and loving. His competitive nature shows itself in walks and in training. Bubba has tendonitis and I never push him to walk in the cold with ice and sleet...HOWEVER, darned if he will be showed up by Luna. Even if he is in agony, he will run in the snow...prance and show the world that she may be 18 months old...and he 15 years old but by George he can still outrun, outpace, and out think her anyday!

I know they are dogs, but they behave SO much like siblings it is sometimes hard for me to remember that indeed they are dogs!

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