Monday, January 16, 2012

Luna's Blog

Hi, it has been a while since I have written and during that time I have really made some strides and progress!

I can now bark...I have a lovely little voice..not quite soprano but lovely just the same! I also explore the living room and a lot of my house...I am still nervous but ...well I can eat off a plate! How's that for progress!!

Today I went to the bank, the spa, library and pet store. Bubba is a real shopper, I still don't get it. Karine bought me a different jacket today. I will never have what Bubba has, but hey I am still new here. Speaking of Bubba, he played with me yesterday, chased me, we chased toys and he made sure that I had fun. I love Bubba, he is comical!

I eat two meals a day and have discovered raw sweet potatoes. I watched Bubba first and they are very good. I am now outside the study door of Karine...I can now walk down the hall by myself.

Life is one discovery. I saw a squirrel today and wanted to chase it, but Karine explained that we don't chase animals...oh well.

Bye for now...when I gain more confidence there is talk that I will be sent to puppy school...whats that all about?

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