Sunday, January 29, 2012

Professor Bubba

Bubba never was a believer in dog tricks. He knows sit, come, stay, give me five and navy seal. Sometimes he will reluctantly perform them with a very bored look...not any more.

We now have Luna a young little rescue who I am training. She knows come. When I train her, Professor Bubba barges in and shows how it is done to perfection. He does not wait...I am saying "stay" and the Professor will give his paw or start with a Navy Seal routine. It is as if he is saying "Luna, just don't bother, you will never achieve my level"

Bubba is a very welcoming, almost zen-like dog. He is accepting and loving. His competitive nature shows itself in walks and in training. Bubba has tendonitis and I never push him to walk in the cold with ice and sleet...HOWEVER, darned if he will be showed up by Luna. Even if he is in agony, he will run in the snow...prance and show the world that she may be 18 months old...and he 15 years old but by George he can still outrun, outpace, and out think her anyday!

I know they are dogs, but they behave SO much like siblings it is sometimes hard for me to remember that indeed they are dogs!

Saturday, January 28, 2012

What I learned from my dogs

I am blessed with dogs. My first dog is Bubba and my second dog was Sophie who passed away after being with us for nearly four years. Sophie was a loving dear dog who taught me so much. She taught me that life is very short and that one must enjoy the moment. I will never forget taking her for a walk off leash at St; Pauls. There was a big open field, the sun was shining and you could see the river.There was a young woman who had settled for a picnic. She had spread a blanket out, had a drink and was holding a sandwich in her hand. At that time I had Sophie and Bubba with me off leash.

Sophie ran to the young woman and stole the sandwich..she ran to the end of the field like a football player with a touchdown and gave a victory smile before she devoured it. The poor woman was shocked..she had never been robbed before, at least not by a smiling orange coloured dog who could dance!

Sophie showed me the small things on our walks, she would find rings, and rabbits...she would dance with delight in the pet store...she would smile at the sun as it warmed her skin..she was thrilled in the dog park and ran in the snow despite getting snow stuck in her feet.

Bubba taught me and continues to teach me the value of patience and of service. Bubba used to visit Alzheimers patients and I have never seen a more gracious dog. He accepted Sophie and helped to heal her, we now have a new little rescued soul named Luna and once more Bubba accepts her, shows her things, never pushes her or dominates. Bubba knows he is loved and is willing to share his love with those who are less fortunate. Bubba shows me what life would be like if we were truly unselfish. What a life would be like if we really could open our hearts and our homes to those who need it. What a life without an agenda would look like. Bubba gives me a glimpse of heaven.

Luna is our newest dog. A small terrified little poodle who is gradually learning to love and to trust. She is not an extrovert like Sophie was and is very shy and she is teaching us the value of patience and is teaching me how to value the small things. Sometimes we thing life is not valuable unless we win prizes, or are number one or achieve what we consider greatness. Progress for Luna is measured by her being able to eat now in the kitchen. That is success. Luna is teaching me the meaning of progress and of success. Luna is also showing me how powerful love can be. I saw Sophie transformed and I am watching Luna blossom. Never underestimate the power of love.

Luna-Puppy mill journey January 28th!!

Hi fans!

My puppy mill days seem so far away...I now explore my entire home...and I eat in the kitchen. I am still learning how to indicate that I want to go out to pee but I swear my new family is deaf!

Here is what I have learned about walking in the winter. I prefer to walk with my boots. I will take my picture, I wear red rubber boots that match my sweater..I cut quite a figure. I find the snow and the ice hard to walk in but when it is plowed well I run. I can outrun Karine by a longshot!

I have discovered all of the beds in the home. I have two couches, a memory foam bed in Karine's office and my own bed in the bedroom.

Every morning, Karine and Bubba vanish into the basement where Karine goes on a bike trainer. I don't get it. I don't want to go into the basement, there are no beds there, the trainer is noisy...really I don't see the attraction.

What I love is being cuddled and my meals. When I first came I did not have much of an idea of what a dish was. I had to be hand fed, then fed on a sheet of paper...well LONG time ago. Now I eat in the kitchen in my own dishes...oh and I drink out of a little bowl to boot!

I did not go to school today, maybe a PD day who knows..but I know my classes will start soon enough. I think sit and stay are next. I know the "come" command pretty effectively. Funny is it not. We dogs have to learn YOUR language! I suppose its because you guys would never learn how we communicate.

I am learning more about communication by watching Bubba. Today he showed off ALL of his tricks, sit, come stay, give me five, down and Navy seal. Navy seal is hilarious its where he crawls on his belly frantically as if he is going under a wire. I can't see myself doing that..perhaps a more ladylike trick would suit me...pirouette perhaps?

I heard the harmonica today and a wooden flute played for me. There is something really nice about music performed for you.

Had a busy day today, good meals, walks, learning again. Time for sleep



Friday, January 27, 2012

New Luna

This is me, on January 22nd. As you can see I am a lot more confident and have gained weight! I explore the ENTIRE house...well not the basement yet...spiders you know, take myself to bed...and I am really enjoying my new home.

I am also better physically. I had a yeast infection in my ear...don't ask me how that happened but I think I caught it from the puppy mill..that is gone. I also had severe problems with my feet...also cleared up. The miracle of modern medicine.

I eat out of dishes, drink out of a bowl and have learned the command COME. My reward for that is cheese...that is a great treat! I am told I have to learn sit, stay and stop. So far I enjoy homeschooling and I really like the textbooks..because they are made out of cheese.

In March I am hosting a fundraiser to help rescue organizations close those awful puppy mills. By March, I will have learned a lot of commands and will show off my new skills and home to all those who have been in my life...well not the puppy mill folks...I hope they rot in jail!!! There will be treats for humans like pastries and cheese and wine and I am told dog treats as well. If you are available let me know, the date is yet to be set!


Sunday, January 22, 2012

Luna's Stash!

It has been about 3 weeks in my new forever home and I am gaining a lot of confidence! I can drink water out of a bowl...I can take myself to bed but I have discovered that....I am a hoarder! Don't say it out loud!

There is a part of the couch that holds my stash. I have two rawhide bones, a few toys and my real treasures which are pieces of clean laundry. So far, I have two socks, one black and one white and a pair of underwear. I did try to steal a blue T shirt but it was too big to drag from the laundry basket to my stash.

If the rawhide bone is moved I will retrieve it. It belongs in my stash. I feel great having my things around me and I take pride in knowing where my stuff is.

I was told that some humans do the same thing...and that is not so bad provided I can stop myself at underwear and socks!

Oh my neighbour Claudia thinks I am looking a LOT better than when I first came. I don't see it...but there you have where is my stash!!!!

Luna January 22nd 2012

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Luna January 18th 2012

It has been almost three weeks (well 17 days) in my new forever home. I now explore the house..I still don't like the kitchen...but apart from the kitchen, well I check it all out.

I follow Karine into the study, and I love being carried to bed. I have a lovely soft bed...all my own. It is high sided with burgundy velvet. The outside is gold and burgundy tapestry. I feel like a Renaissance Queen! I have put soft blankets inside as I can nuzzle inside. It takes me a few seconds before I fall asleep.

My feet are causing problems. I have little rubber boots now. They are red and it looks like I am wearing red balloons. They are not balloons, they are bona fide dog products called Pawz. My paw pads are dry and cracked and red. I am not sure what it is. 
I had  a yeast infection in my ears but I think that has cleared up. I think the medicine, good food with supplements and a warm comfortable home where I am cherished is making the difference.

I am not alone either. I live with a delightfully confident dog named Bubba. He does things I really don't understand but I am a fast learner.

Every day I go for a walk and am introduced to people and neighbours and other dogs. I have gone shopping a few times and that is a bizarre experience. Bubba loves shopping, and I was told that Sophie would be in heaven in the pet store. It is still scary for me though...I suppose that will take time.

I have come a LONG way from that hellhole in Shawville known as Paws R Us. I can now bark, run, play and have stolen (don't tell anyone) one of Bubba's shoes. Bubba does not wear them, so I figured I could add it to my toy collection. Every day my teeth are brushed and I am groomed, I have two meals a day and am told thousands of times that I am a good girl and I am loved.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Luna's Blog

Hi, it has been a while since I have written and during that time I have really made some strides and progress!

I can now bark...I have a lovely little voice..not quite soprano but lovely just the same! I also explore the living room and a lot of my house...I am still nervous but ...well I can eat off a plate! How's that for progress!!

Today I went to the bank, the spa, library and pet store. Bubba is a real shopper, I still don't get it. Karine bought me a different jacket today. I will never have what Bubba has, but hey I am still new here. Speaking of Bubba, he played with me yesterday, chased me, we chased toys and he made sure that I had fun. I love Bubba, he is comical!

I eat two meals a day and have discovered raw sweet potatoes. I watched Bubba first and they are very good. I am now outside the study door of Karine...I can now walk down the hall by myself.

Life is one discovery. I saw a squirrel today and wanted to chase it, but Karine explained that we don't chase animals...oh well.

Bye for now...when I gain more confidence there is talk that I will be sent to puppy school...whats that all about?

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Luna January 11th 2012

It has been 10 days since I came to my new home. Yesterday I went shopping, and got a sweater that fits and a harness that is my size. NO MORE HAND ME DOWNS!!!

I played with my toys today after dinner. I threw a red rubber toy across the floor and went to find my mother who was in the study! There is so much to learn, so much to do! Life is wonderful!


Friday, January 6, 2012

Luna's Blog, January 6th 2012

It is official, I am adopted and in my new home. Today, my owner learned more about the Puppy mill where I came from. It is hard for me to write this, but I am sure that in writing it, it will help in my healing. At the moment, I am still traumatized.

I explore the house but I learned to keep quiet so I freeze a lot. I am not cold. I just cower into a small ball hoping nothing bad would happen. Paws R Us had over 600 of us in a barn. There was a sand floor. We all had to be quiet because if we were not we would be beaten. I saw some puppies get thrown across the barn and beaten...I had to look away. Their crime was they made noise, so I am very very quiet. I was never fed on a was just thrown into our cages. I learned not to be pushy or I would get nothing. When I was rescued, I had never seen the outdoors. I remember smelling the cool fresh air. I had never seen the outdoors but I knew it was 'safe', My first foster put he outside in her backyard and I just ran..I did and I hid. Outside good inside bad, that was my manta. Carissa caught me and then I had to be groomed. My fur was matted with dog feces, urine, straw. I had a bad ear infection (it is now being treated) and a broken tooth (also fixed). I was in pain but most of all I was scared. Carissa put a leash on me....that was terrible..I jumped and flopped like a carp in a pond. I now can walk with a leash...well it is a harness. I love my walks but it is cold so not for too long. My first real bed was a pillow on the floor of Carissa's bedroom.

After two months, Carissa was going on a holiday and I was put in a strange red car. I had no idea where I was going, maybe the vet. In my new home, I 'hang' put on the couch, sleep on a memory foam bed, have lovely warm winter coats to wear (I know they are Bubba's but I have a feeling I will be going shopping soon), and homecooked meals. When I am outside now, I run to come back into the house. That is funny....I never wanted to be inside before!!! I am still recovering. While I can now eat off a plate and drink from a bowl and am housebroken....there are still problems. I am afraid to I whimper. I keep expected disaster to happen. I suppose I suffer from a lot of anxiety. I am home schooled, just a little. The assistant professor, Bubba is fabulous. He demonstrates the commands so well. I want to be just like him! As a victim of the infamous PawsRUs puppy mill, I have decided to dedicate my pen to making people aware of how horrible they are. My problem is, unfortunately I cannot speak except through writing. If you know of, or suspect a puppy mill or an animal that is being abused...please speak up. We can't..but you can. I am slowly getting better everyday by the way, I am safe but so many others are not. Luna

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Luna's blog day two

Living most of my life in a cage has real problems. For one thing, I have noticed I am weak, I have read that at 18 months I should be in peak shape but I am not. I need rest and still cant jump on the sofa.

Yesterday my education was shopping, a long walk and a new treat peanut butter. That must have been invented for dogs.

Today I went to school. Well I tried to learn come. I think I am getting it...every time I got it...I got either roast chicken or fantastic peanut butter...which brings me to my second point about my former life.

I don't think I had a great diet. I had a tooth problem and I sure don't like hard food..don't get me wrong, I can manage a piece of buttered toast with homemade jam in small amounts but I prefer softer stuff.

My dinner last night was potatoes and roasted chicken. That was really wonderful and I know it is on the menu tonight because I had it for breakfast. I have learned if I look cute, I can get more treats and now get snacks for lunch.

Today I learned about 'coffee'. I know we dogs don't drink coffee but coffee means Karine has coffee and the dogs get treats. I watched Bubba and copied easy was that! My reward...Spicy Paris toasts with butter from Normandy.

It is quite cold today so I am sure my walk will be shorter. I still need a walk to go potty outside and I enjoy my walks. Yesterday I was wearing one of Bubba's jackets. I caught a glimpse of his wardrobe. I was shocked! He has wool sweaters, jackets, raincoats even boots. Now to be fair, most of his colours I don't really like and they are a little I think his clothes make me look fat, not that that is a bad thing because it is cold and I find the cold gets to me. I am not sure about boots though..I think that is pushing it TOO far.

I was told I had a poor appetite. I love my food here...have no problems eating it at all. I worry about Bubba stealing but really he is a true gentleman.

When I walk with Bubba we look like piano keys ebony and ivory. Someone should write a song about that..oh that reminds me about music.

I find Anglican psalms really relax me. I have no clue what they are singing about but there is something peaceful about it.

I sleep on a memory foam bed and am covered up. When I see people lying down, then I can rest and close my eyes. It is so quiet that I sleep quickly.

I am gaining strength and confidence daily...I still don't want to leave the carpeted area of the livingroom as I think that is my cage. I am taken to the kitchen for meals...would rather have my meals delivered to the living room but was told the take out service has gone out of business.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Welcome LUNA

My name is Luna, I am 18 months old I think. I was rescued from the puppy mill near shawville..and never drank water out of a dish or ate food from a plate. I lived in a cage and people threw food at me, and I ate snow or drank from rain water.

I am now in a new foster home with Karine. Tonight, my first night here, I had turkey and gravy and shortbread cookies. Karine had to hand feed me because I had no idea what to do with the plate but I will learn. I am in the livingroom..I have explored a little but it is a scary world out there. I let Karine groom me...first time I felt a brush.

Karine is telling me things like 'kissing me to death' or lots of love, I don't know what those words mean. When I was picked up it was to be grabbed and pushed. I dont know how to play, or how to be loved...yet. Karine uses that word a lot with me 'yet'. She calls me a caterpillar...never seen one and that soon I will bloom.

I am warm here and fed and live with another dog whose name is Bubba. Bubba has never met a dog like me...because I don't know how to play. I am not sure that Bubba will teach me but he is very sweet with me.

Karine is going to quickly expand my little world, I can feel it in my bones! I don't know what that means, I am only a very young dog who has never known love!

Thank you BARK for finding me and letting Karine take me!