Sunday, January 1, 2012

Welcome LUNA

My name is Luna, I am 18 months old I think. I was rescued from the puppy mill near shawville..and never drank water out of a dish or ate food from a plate. I lived in a cage and people threw food at me, and I ate snow or drank from rain water.

I am now in a new foster home with Karine. Tonight, my first night here, I had turkey and gravy and shortbread cookies. Karine had to hand feed me because I had no idea what to do with the plate but I will learn. I am in the livingroom..I have explored a little but it is a scary world out there. I let Karine groom me...first time I felt a brush.

Karine is telling me things like 'kissing me to death' or lots of love, I don't know what those words mean. When I was picked up it was to be grabbed and pushed. I dont know how to play, or how to be loved...yet. Karine uses that word a lot with me 'yet'. She calls me a caterpillar...never seen one and that soon I will bloom.

I am warm here and fed and live with another dog whose name is Bubba. Bubba has never met a dog like me...because I don't know how to play. I am not sure that Bubba will teach me but he is very sweet with me.

Karine is going to quickly expand my little world, I can feel it in my bones! I don't know what that means, I am only a very young dog who has never known love!

Thank you BARK for finding me and letting Karine take me!



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