Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Luna January 18th 2012

It has been almost three weeks (well 17 days) in my new forever home. I now explore the house..I still don't like the kitchen...but apart from the kitchen, well I check it all out.

I follow Karine into the study, and I love being carried to bed. I have a lovely soft bed...all my own. It is high sided with burgundy velvet. The outside is gold and burgundy tapestry. I feel like a Renaissance Queen! I have put soft blankets inside as I can nuzzle inside. It takes me a few seconds before I fall asleep.

My feet are causing problems. I have little rubber boots now. They are red and it looks like I am wearing red balloons. They are not balloons, they are bona fide dog products called Pawz. My paw pads are dry and cracked and red. I am not sure what it is. 
I had  a yeast infection in my ears but I think that has cleared up. I think the medicine, good food with supplements and a warm comfortable home where I am cherished is making the difference.

I am not alone either. I live with a delightfully confident dog named Bubba. He does things I really don't understand but I am a fast learner.

Every day I go for a walk and am introduced to people and neighbours and other dogs. I have gone shopping a few times and that is a bizarre experience. Bubba loves shopping, and I was told that Sophie would be in heaven in the pet store. It is still scary for me though...I suppose that will take time.

I have come a LONG way from that hellhole in Shawville known as Paws R Us. I can now bark, run, play and have stolen (don't tell anyone) one of Bubba's shoes. Bubba does not wear them, so I figured I could add it to my toy collection. Every day my teeth are brushed and I am groomed, I have two meals a day and am told thousands of times that I am a good girl and I am loved.

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