Saturday, January 28, 2012

What I learned from my dogs

I am blessed with dogs. My first dog is Bubba and my second dog was Sophie who passed away after being with us for nearly four years. Sophie was a loving dear dog who taught me so much. She taught me that life is very short and that one must enjoy the moment. I will never forget taking her for a walk off leash at St; Pauls. There was a big open field, the sun was shining and you could see the river.There was a young woman who had settled for a picnic. She had spread a blanket out, had a drink and was holding a sandwich in her hand. At that time I had Sophie and Bubba with me off leash.

Sophie ran to the young woman and stole the sandwich..she ran to the end of the field like a football player with a touchdown and gave a victory smile before she devoured it. The poor woman was shocked..she had never been robbed before, at least not by a smiling orange coloured dog who could dance!

Sophie showed me the small things on our walks, she would find rings, and rabbits...she would dance with delight in the pet store...she would smile at the sun as it warmed her skin..she was thrilled in the dog park and ran in the snow despite getting snow stuck in her feet.

Bubba taught me and continues to teach me the value of patience and of service. Bubba used to visit Alzheimers patients and I have never seen a more gracious dog. He accepted Sophie and helped to heal her, we now have a new little rescued soul named Luna and once more Bubba accepts her, shows her things, never pushes her or dominates. Bubba knows he is loved and is willing to share his love with those who are less fortunate. Bubba shows me what life would be like if we were truly unselfish. What a life would be like if we really could open our hearts and our homes to those who need it. What a life without an agenda would look like. Bubba gives me a glimpse of heaven.

Luna is our newest dog. A small terrified little poodle who is gradually learning to love and to trust. She is not an extrovert like Sophie was and is very shy and she is teaching us the value of patience and is teaching me how to value the small things. Sometimes we thing life is not valuable unless we win prizes, or are number one or achieve what we consider greatness. Progress for Luna is measured by her being able to eat now in the kitchen. That is success. Luna is teaching me the meaning of progress and of success. Luna is also showing me how powerful love can be. I saw Sophie transformed and I am watching Luna blossom. Never underestimate the power of love.

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