Friday, January 27, 2012

New Luna

This is me, on January 22nd. As you can see I am a lot more confident and have gained weight! I explore the ENTIRE house...well not the basement yet...spiders you know, take myself to bed...and I am really enjoying my new home.

I am also better physically. I had a yeast infection in my ear...don't ask me how that happened but I think I caught it from the puppy mill..that is gone. I also had severe problems with my feet...also cleared up. The miracle of modern medicine.

I eat out of dishes, drink out of a bowl and have learned the command COME. My reward for that is cheese...that is a great treat! I am told I have to learn sit, stay and stop. So far I enjoy homeschooling and I really like the textbooks..because they are made out of cheese.

In March I am hosting a fundraiser to help rescue organizations close those awful puppy mills. By March, I will have learned a lot of commands and will show off my new skills and home to all those who have been in my life...well not the puppy mill folks...I hope they rot in jail!!! There will be treats for humans like pastries and cheese and wine and I am told dog treats as well. If you are available let me know, the date is yet to be set!


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