Sunday, January 22, 2012

Luna's Stash!

It has been about 3 weeks in my new forever home and I am gaining a lot of confidence! I can drink water out of a bowl...I can take myself to bed but I have discovered that....I am a hoarder! Don't say it out loud!

There is a part of the couch that holds my stash. I have two rawhide bones, a few toys and my real treasures which are pieces of clean laundry. So far, I have two socks, one black and one white and a pair of underwear. I did try to steal a blue T shirt but it was too big to drag from the laundry basket to my stash.

If the rawhide bone is moved I will retrieve it. It belongs in my stash. I feel great having my things around me and I take pride in knowing where my stuff is.

I was told that some humans do the same thing...and that is not so bad provided I can stop myself at underwear and socks!

Oh my neighbour Claudia thinks I am looking a LOT better than when I first came. I don't see it...but there you have where is my stash!!!!

Luna January 22nd 2012

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