Saturday, January 28, 2012

Luna-Puppy mill journey January 28th!!

Hi fans!

My puppy mill days seem so far away...I now explore my entire home...and I eat in the kitchen. I am still learning how to indicate that I want to go out to pee but I swear my new family is deaf!

Here is what I have learned about walking in the winter. I prefer to walk with my boots. I will take my picture, I wear red rubber boots that match my sweater..I cut quite a figure. I find the snow and the ice hard to walk in but when it is plowed well I run. I can outrun Karine by a longshot!

I have discovered all of the beds in the home. I have two couches, a memory foam bed in Karine's office and my own bed in the bedroom.

Every morning, Karine and Bubba vanish into the basement where Karine goes on a bike trainer. I don't get it. I don't want to go into the basement, there are no beds there, the trainer is noisy...really I don't see the attraction.

What I love is being cuddled and my meals. When I first came I did not have much of an idea of what a dish was. I had to be hand fed, then fed on a sheet of paper...well LONG time ago. Now I eat in the kitchen in my own dishes...oh and I drink out of a little bowl to boot!

I did not go to school today, maybe a PD day who knows..but I know my classes will start soon enough. I think sit and stay are next. I know the "come" command pretty effectively. Funny is it not. We dogs have to learn YOUR language! I suppose its because you guys would never learn how we communicate.

I am learning more about communication by watching Bubba. Today he showed off ALL of his tricks, sit, come stay, give me five, down and Navy seal. Navy seal is hilarious its where he crawls on his belly frantically as if he is going under a wire. I can't see myself doing that..perhaps a more ladylike trick would suit me...pirouette perhaps?

I heard the harmonica today and a wooden flute played for me. There is something really nice about music performed for you.

Had a busy day today, good meals, walks, learning again. Time for sleep



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