Monday, June 24, 2013

RIP Bubba June 24th 2103

Bubba was my first dog. He came to me as a result of a friend who stayed with us who could no longer keep him. He was a little white lhasa apso and wore red T shirts. He quickly adopted me.

It was not long until I discovered that Bubba had some mystical and very special powers. He was not a dog. He could heal people and was caring and compassionate and wanted to look after people. He became a therapy dog and he and I would visit Alzheimers patients and the true magic became apparent. That little dog would know who needed him and his soulful brown eyes would enable them to feel better. Watching Bubba made me realize that God works through his creatures in this case my little Bubba.

Bubba was handsome and debonaire and had a wardrobe that rivalled any diva. He loved to dress up and looked especially dashing in his leather bomber jacket.

He also loved the Conroy pit and other dog parks and loved to explore nature. He developed a special attachment for Cyrils's garden and enjoyed sitting on the deck in the sun.

He was caring and compassionate throughout his entire life, visiting the sick and the lonely but a few things really stand out in my mind. One day after we had worked in a retirement home, we went to Timothy's for coffee. I had coffee, Bubba would sit across from me and have lemon loaf which I would purchase for him. A man came in with dementia shouting with his embarassed son. Bubba noticed and moved to sit beside him. The man made some remarks about dogs but quickly calmed down as Bubba remained by his side.

Bubba did a lot of this. When I brought in Sophie, Bubba accepted her whole heartedly and the two of them became the darlings of the Conroy Pitt. Sophie was with us three years.

Tragedy struck Bubba some two years ago in the form of a soft cell tissue cancer. Bubba was in pain and yet despite his pain welcomed our newest dog, a traumatized little miniature poodle named Luna. He put his paw on her three days after her arrival. He healed her,

His leg was amputated last year but about two months ago, a large tumor developed on his shoulder. It grew and was very aggressive. Bubba was in pain but managed by medication to a large extent. Earlier this month, Cyril went to hospital and Bubba made his last visit as a therapy dog. Once he visited Cyril and knew he was okay he slept very well. Cyril returned home and made a wonderful recovery. Bubba's last patient was alright, Luna was recovered and today at 1300 hrs, the vet administered a lethal dose to Bubba. He died at home surrounded by the people who loved him.

There could not be a braver, more compassionate and beloved dog as Bubba. I read some Scripture to him and sang for him before the vet arrived. Bubba had a dignified end.

Bubba taught us so very much but mainly the idea of being compassionate. Bubba lived compassion and love and mercy throughout his life. There could never be a kinder dog. There will never be another Bubba.

Monday, June 17, 2013


Bubba is a wonderful dog who has been to Shakespearean plays, worked as a therapy dog, helped me with two rescue dogs, is a comfort and a very dear soul.
Last August, he had his leg amputated for cancer and lives as a tri paw very nicely. But the cancer has come back.

He has a tumor that is inoperable and now we are into pain control and quality of life issues. Today was a good day for Bubba, he greeted our guests, went for a small walk ate well and is pain free but we both know he does not have a long time with us.

I will grieve terribly for my little fellow. He adopted me 13 years ago when he left his owner, who was renting from me to come with me. I knew nothing about dogs and Bubba taught me so much.

Bubba has taught me how to be present in the moment as I am with him. He no longer follows me as he used to, and sleeps more now. It will not be long when I will not hear his hop hop as he hops around the house. Soon the garden will be without its protector.

All flesh is as grass that fades and withers and dies. I know this and yet it is so hard. Oddly I am comforted by thoughts that I will see him, as all my pets in full health again. Some call it the Rainbow Bridge, I like to call it the hereafter or heaven. For a variety of reasons, I rarely attend church these days but I do believe in a loving God who in heaven, will reunite us with our loved ones. When Bubba will come to greet me, I am sure he will be the fastest of all of my pets.

For now I have the present and thankfully wonderful pain medications that allow him to live comfortably in his last days.

Bubba will turn 18 in August. A very long, rich, fulfilled and most importantly his life was filled with love, compassion and mercy,