Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Luna's blog day two

Living most of my life in a cage has real problems. For one thing, I have noticed I am weak, I have read that at 18 months I should be in peak shape but I am not. I need rest and still cant jump on the sofa.

Yesterday my education was shopping, a long walk and a new treat peanut butter. That must have been invented for dogs.

Today I went to school. Well I tried to learn come. I think I am getting it...every time I got it...I got either roast chicken or fantastic peanut butter...which brings me to my second point about my former life.

I don't think I had a great diet. I had a tooth problem and I sure don't like hard food..don't get me wrong, I can manage a piece of buttered toast with homemade jam in small amounts but I prefer softer stuff.

My dinner last night was potatoes and roasted chicken. That was really wonderful and I know it is on the menu tonight because I had it for breakfast. I have learned if I look cute, I can get more treats and now get snacks for lunch.

Today I learned about 'coffee'. I know we dogs don't drink coffee but coffee means Karine has coffee and the dogs get treats. I watched Bubba and copied him..how easy was that! My reward...Spicy Paris toasts with butter from Normandy.

It is quite cold today so I am sure my walk will be shorter. I still need a walk to go potty outside and I enjoy my walks. Yesterday I was wearing one of Bubba's jackets. I caught a glimpse of his wardrobe. I was shocked! He has wool sweaters, jackets, raincoats even boots. Now to be fair, most of his colours I don't really like and they are a little big...so I think his clothes make me look fat, not that that is a bad thing because it is cold and I find the cold gets to me. I am not sure about boots though..I think that is pushing it TOO far.

I was told I had a poor appetite. I love my food here...have no problems eating it at all. I worry about Bubba stealing but really he is a true gentleman.

When I walk with Bubba we look like piano keys ebony and ivory. Someone should write a song about that..oh that reminds me about music.

I find Anglican psalms really relax me. I have no clue what they are singing about but there is something peaceful about it.

I sleep on a memory foam bed and am covered up. When I see people lying down, then I can rest and close my eyes. It is so quiet that I sleep quickly.

I am gaining strength and confidence daily...I still don't want to leave the carpeted area of the livingroom as I think that is my cage. I am taken to the kitchen for meals...would rather have my meals delivered to the living room but was told the take out service has gone out of business.

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