Friday, January 6, 2012

Luna's Blog, January 6th 2012

It is official, I am adopted and in my new home. Today, my owner learned more about the Puppy mill where I came from. It is hard for me to write this, but I am sure that in writing it, it will help in my healing. At the moment, I am still traumatized.

I explore the house but I learned to keep quiet so I freeze a lot. I am not cold. I just cower into a small ball hoping nothing bad would happen. Paws R Us had over 600 of us in a barn. There was a sand floor. We all had to be quiet because if we were not we would be beaten. I saw some puppies get thrown across the barn and beaten...I had to look away. Their crime was they made noise, so I am very very quiet. I was never fed on a was just thrown into our cages. I learned not to be pushy or I would get nothing. When I was rescued, I had never seen the outdoors. I remember smelling the cool fresh air. I had never seen the outdoors but I knew it was 'safe', My first foster put he outside in her backyard and I just ran..I did and I hid. Outside good inside bad, that was my manta. Carissa caught me and then I had to be groomed. My fur was matted with dog feces, urine, straw. I had a bad ear infection (it is now being treated) and a broken tooth (also fixed). I was in pain but most of all I was scared. Carissa put a leash on me....that was terrible..I jumped and flopped like a carp in a pond. I now can walk with a leash...well it is a harness. I love my walks but it is cold so not for too long. My first real bed was a pillow on the floor of Carissa's bedroom.

After two months, Carissa was going on a holiday and I was put in a strange red car. I had no idea where I was going, maybe the vet. In my new home, I 'hang' put on the couch, sleep on a memory foam bed, have lovely warm winter coats to wear (I know they are Bubba's but I have a feeling I will be going shopping soon), and homecooked meals. When I am outside now, I run to come back into the house. That is funny....I never wanted to be inside before!!! I am still recovering. While I can now eat off a plate and drink from a bowl and am housebroken....there are still problems. I am afraid to I whimper. I keep expected disaster to happen. I suppose I suffer from a lot of anxiety. I am home schooled, just a little. The assistant professor, Bubba is fabulous. He demonstrates the commands so well. I want to be just like him! As a victim of the infamous PawsRUs puppy mill, I have decided to dedicate my pen to making people aware of how horrible they are. My problem is, unfortunately I cannot speak except through writing. If you know of, or suspect a puppy mill or an animal that is being abused...please speak up. We can't..but you can. I am slowly getting better everyday by the way, I am safe but so many others are not. Luna

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