Friday, February 3, 2012

Luna...puppy mill journey February 3rd 2012

It has been about a month since I came here. I can't believe how I have changed. I got my first bath yesterday and so I am fluffy.

Medically, I am on the mend, my ear infections and teeth problems are in the past. I am working on a type of mange on my feet because I was run down. I did not eat much..but now..well just try and stop me! I run to the kitchen and help prepare meals. I love my dinners and breakfasts!

Emotionally I used to stay in a small space and was afraid to leave the livingroom. I had a real fear of the is now a favourite place of mine. I explore the entire house! I take myself to bed and am really progressing. I have some toys, and a kong and my fearful days are over. took time but finally my mother understood that I love the heat. Yeppers, Bubba is a polar bear but not me...heat heat heat. So I have a polar coat...thick insulation. It is red with white fur trim and I look like Santa Paws but who cares, I am warm. I now wag my tail when I go for a walk. I still have to build up as I was not used to walking. That Bubba is so strong...I can't keep up with him but it will come. Just you wait Bubba!

I am getting very good marks in home school. I have learned come, sit,  and stay. I will learn these from a distance as well. I have also learned a jump command. I am told there is down and stop yet to come but I am so clever I will probably move to an advanced class and learn some tricks. Learning comes very easily to me, especially since Bubba helps

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