Friday, February 24, 2012

Luna Progress note

Hello fans, Luna here. It has been almost two months in my forever home. I am not the same dog, I run everywhere, I am perfect off leash and on leash. I wag my little tail, have a great appetite and love to play. In short, I have pretty well fully recovered emotionally from that hell hole of a place I came from.

Physically, I have demodex mites on my feet. It sounds scarier than it is, but it will affect my nail beds and so I am being treated for that. My other problems like my ear infection and teeth problems have all been resolved. You know, puppy mills, I have said this before, have to be outlawed period. How can anyone look after 600 dogs? We are not things, we are living breathing creatures of Gods who need to play, to run and to be loved.

I have learned a few tricks already...and was taught how to kiss. Yeppers, I am really liking my new life. I worry about Bubba, it seems as I wax, he wanes. I wish I could do more for him because he has been so kind and welcoming for me. He is a very special soul.

On the play front, I have a lot of toys and steal items to make new toys...when I am brushed, my brush is game, I walk off with pencils, gloves, socks...and a toothbrush. They are always retreived because I put my booty in the middle of the livingroom floor. Maybe that is not so smart. I have heard pirates used to bury their truth I tried digging today to bury the grooming brush...but I think pirates never buried stuff in the livingroom.

Luna February 24th 2012

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