Friday, March 2, 2012

Luna 2 months later

It has been two months since I arrived at 854 Wingate Drive. I have a trunkload of toys, an uber warm red parka, wool sweater, casual coat, boots, my own dishes  and I love to play with my toys. I pick up my toys, shake them and carry them around. I also love playing outside on and off leash!  I love to dash in the snow and meet other dogs and people...I wake up Karine in the morning and find life a joy. I have changed so much!

The only problem I have is demodex, which is a mite. You all have it, but I was run down so it took over my feet. I am being treated for that, My ears are nicely cleared and my teeth are now gleaming. I guess I could not expect to come out of that sewer unscathed!

I have learned, sit, come, stay, come close and up. For some reason, I just don't do down! I think I will try the say hello command or maybe the wave command, not too sure. I have the basics, I am not stressed.

Today I had lentils and chicken hearts for dinner, man that was good! The horrible people who had me in a cage are going before a judge on March 13th, I know my mother will be there protesting and I will add an arf the cause! Paws R Us was an evil evil place.

I still wear my bark medallion but I no longer see myself as a puppy mill dog. I am not shy anymore, I have stolen slippers, gloves, hats,,pens, keys, treats..pencils and even an envelope. I take them and dash with them, my favourite are a pair of blue polartec slippers! At night, I am wrapped in a blanket and sleep.

Today I went to a dog park. Bubba had to leave early because his wrist was bothering him but I went back, ran up hills, dashed in the snow, met other dogs and ran full speed..and I mean full speed. Lots of fun..some dogs at the end started to bark and we decided to go home. I slept and slept as I was wrapped up on the couch in a soft cozy grey blanket.

Not sure what tomorrow will bring,

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