Sunday, March 11, 2012

Luna march 11th

Here I am, I have come SUCH a long way. Every morning I dash madly to my toy box and play with my toys..I have a lot of them...I shake them...toss them. If I am bored, I will steal socks..that always gets a reaction. After a great hot breakfast, I have a short nap then it is off on a walk. After my walk another nap and then school. I have learned a lot and am REALLY good at recall when I am off leash.

Here are a list of my favourite things...I know Christmas is a long time away but...

1) Hot meals of potato and fish and various vegetables of the day
2) Treats all kinds, but especially duck
3) Hard rubber balls
4) soft plush toys that I can shake
5) Chew toys
6) Jackets..I love my warm winter parka..I have spring wear as well and I look great in yellow

My personality was shy but I am anything but shy. I am bouncy, bubbly and have a lot of confidence.My demodex is FINALLY getting under control and the infection in my feet is a thing of the past. My ears are healed and my teeth are gleaming white and very sharp! I may be small but....

At night, when I am called to bed, I run to bed and jump in my bed. I am then covered up in my own little bed has some plush high sides and I go to sleep.

I walk beautifully beside I am a show dog. Life is good


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