Friday, February 3, 2012

Bubba replies

So much has been written about Luna that I feel it is only fair that I tell the truth about rescue dogs from my point of view.

Don't get me wrong, I love Luna and I know she came from a horrible situation. I have heard they were caged and not fed or even spoken to. That being said, Luna has within one month taken over!

Luna is an expansionist. She arrived and quickly took a small part of the couch. I was okay with that, after all I have a couch and  a loveseat but you can't give a female dog an inch. Just like Sophie she started to spread out...her toys are everywhere and there is not a place for me to sit. No matter, I have the leather recliner but still!

Luna also steals my treats. I thought Sophie was the only one. She will bring my treats to the sofa. Then I steal them and hide them...sort of our game of hide and seek.

You know a man likes his space and his comforts and for me my bed is my castle. Can you imagine how I felt when she tried to share the same bed with me? No way...she has her own. Next thing you know she will want my blanket and heaven forbid my leather chair!

All we dogs need is a place to hang our leash and jackets where we are loved and respected and can call home. Luna feels that and is already starting to take over. Next thing you know, she will start to there I draw a line in the sand with my way.

There are still things that I can proudly call my own. I own the rights, the exclusive right to the back of the couch. Yes I sit and lie there and wait for the mailman, or someone to bark at. I can get a good volume up and scare them so they drop their letters and flee in terror at my roar. That is my job...and there is no way I am going to let Miss Luna ruin that for me!

I also own the right to run at my owners and greet them with wet kisses and push my face into them. That is my domain. So far she gets that! Which is is my dog house not hers.

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