Sunday, September 16, 2012

On Miracles

When you read about miracles, they are sometimes so unbelievable and dramatic that you imagine that they happen to other people, or are figments of imagination, luck and don't happen at all. Miracles are always larger than life but in my life I am living with a miracle. The miracle comes in the form of a little white dog who has given so much joy to others as a therapy dog and has healed so many broken hearts and brought light where there was none to his Alzheimers patients. I am speaking about Bubba.

Bubba is 17 years old and was diagnosed with a virulent soft tissue cancer in his right paw. It was clear he was agonizing and suffering and the tumour was partially removed. It came back with a vengeance and Bubba's suffering increased.

I came home from a bike trip to see his paw triple the size and the poor soul agonizing. He was refusing his meals and nothing gave him joy, he no longer wanted to go for walks.

My vet recommended ending his life but also advised that if the leg was amputated it would be a cure..but he is 17. Younger dogs can recover very well, but I was warned this is a very major surgery. When I agreed to the surgery I don't think they expected very much. As I left him at the vets office, Bubba looked back at me and I left in tears thinking I may not see my little friend alive again. I was torn with guilt and remorse..why had I not seen it sooner? Did I make the right decision?

To be fair, I thought the tumour would not progress with such speed but once it regrew and burst when he was at the groomers I knew I had no choice.

Two weeks ago Bubba was amputated. He runs, eats prodigiously, is happy and no longer refuses his walks. The vet is amazed and so am I,

Yesterday Bubba returned to the St. Paul market and spoke with his favourite vendors all of whom were pleased to see him as they knew of his surgery. I don't think anyone expected him to do so well. Bubba wears a shirt while his hair is growing to conceal his scar. Cyril seems to think that once I put a little golf shirt on Bubba, he felt better as his dignity was restored.

Today Bubba attended his friend Ludmilla's 92nd birthday party. He had white chocolate, cookies, lots of water and then blissfully slept while we sipped dubonet and toasted Ludmilla. Bubba had often visited Ludmilla but for the past year had more bad days than good.

I called this blog a miracle story and yes, I do think this is a miracle. Bubba defied all odds and all norms. We prayed for Bubba and I believe God listened to the wishes of our little furry friend. Bubba hops with great speed and enjoys the grass and truly wants to do marathons but I stop him. He sports a shirt or a soft sweater and is surrounded by love and prayer. Do miracles happen? I think they do.

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