Sunday, September 2, 2012

Life as an amputee

On Thursday August 30th I had my leg removed. My right front leg. It had a soft tissue tumour that kept regrowing and making me sick. I knew the cure was removal.

It is very tiring to hop around on one leg. I am recovering at home, being spoiled and my mother has cancelled her major bike excursions. Not sure about the day trips though. I still enjoy my food and my car rides and life has not changed much except that I have three legs.

In a way, there is not a lot of difference because my paw was causing me so much problem that I am better off without it. I have learned how to balance, do stairs but no jumping at least not yet. I am told I need bed rest for 10 days and today was the first day I have taken that advice and am, in fact resting.

I think I will use my disability to raise awareness for canine cancer and perhaps do some fundraising, A walk for Tripawz (thats what they call us).

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