Friday, September 28, 2012

Imagine the perfect dog

When Luna came to me, she could not walk far, was shaky on a leash, did not know how to eat out of a dish, was terrified and had mange and ear infections. The rescue agency was worried about her because she was so timid.

Imagine a dog who snuggles with you, walks like a champion, has perfect recall, has a glossy coat and shiny teeth. imagine a dog who plays with you AND puts away her toys. Imagine a dog who is perfectly socialized with people and other dogs...and for a bonus snuggles into you until you go to sleep..when she goes back to her own bed.

Imagine a dog who is so gentle when taking treats or food that you can barely even feel her lips.

That is what Luna, the puppy mill survivor from PawsRUs has become. How do you spell perfection? LUNA

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