Sunday, November 14, 2010

Sophie has come a long way

in 2008 I was found in Gatineau by Hopeful hearts. My first adopted family became my forever home. I read this and cant imagine how far I have come since those dark days.


Sophie is a sweet little spaniel cross, about 7-8 yrs old, who came to Hopeful Hearts with the help of a caring group outside of Ottawa. She is a sweet little darling who is coming into her own very nicely although when she was found, she was a complete wreck. Sophie will be having her spay in early January due to just finishing a heat and her teeth will be taken care of at the same time. Sophie does have mammary tumors but these will be examined during her surgery for any hint of cancer and if so, removed. Sophie is a darling little girl who is currently settling in very well in her very loving foster home and would like to one day have a family to call her own.

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