Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Dogs as teachers

Many of you misunderstand us dogs. You think that all you have to do is feed us, or take us for a walk and we have no real purpose other than to please you. If you think that, I am sorry because we are sent here to teach you. Yes teach you. Both of us are writing this blog!

My name is Sophie and most of my life was lived in fear and I was abused. A hand to me meant someone would strike me and I often cowered and screamed. 2 years ago, my life changed when I began to live with Karine and Cyril. Oh I was afraid, and yes I squealed but after almost two years I trust, and I look forward to being kissed and cuddled. I love having my own beds and being valued. I came with the gift of love. I taught Karine and Cyril that I loved them and that meant that I trusted them with my life. I am always happy to see them but more importantly I am deeply grateful for my new life and the faith they showed in me. You see, they showed me faith and patience and I rewarded them with love. My gift is to show love and gratitude. Even the neighbours see it and claim I shine like the sun with happiness. I show people that it is possible to be happy even if you have a bad start in life and a lot of painful memories.

My name is Bubba and in truth I am not really a dog. I have a dog's body but my mind is far above most of my kind. I seem to have an uncanny ability to sense things and to communicate. Karine and Cyril understand this. I can tell if someone needs my attention and I worry for people. I really do. Life for me is not just about treats and walks. I love Sophie but honestly, brains???? Life for me is only meaningful when in service. I am only truly happy when I am assisting other people, be it in hospitals or stopping to chat with the elderly on my street. My gift, my lesson, is the gift of service.

So next time you see a dog, don't see it just as a 'dog' but rather a little furry teacher with a unique and special gift to teach you. Trust us, it will make you a better human!

Bubba and Sophie

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