Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Heatwaves and dogs,,,calling all people!!!

These past few days have been so hot that my mother has not taken me on any meaningful walks. I don't blame her, I have a short nose and find the heat and humidity too much for me.

I hope that other humans are sensible. We dog's don't sweat apart from our feet and the only way we keep cool is by panting. Try panting sometimes, it works but in the high humidity is not efficient.

I am a Tibetan watchdog and I am genetically bred for the mountains of Tibet. This heat is better suited for a Mexican dog...those Taco bell things...you know hairless....

If you are hot, think of how we feel!! Always carry cool water for us...and lots of it. (I like a slight hint of lemon in mine!) and make sure that we don't walk too far even though we may want to. The backyard is just fine when it is 40 degrees.

As I write this I am lying down on the floor..even my bed is too hot. My house is air conditioned but I blame my heat intolerance on my genetic background and Tibetan bloodline. I am a mountain explorer...I am not a sun worshiper who wears cool shades and sits by the pool all day.

Talk to you later!

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