Sunday, June 27, 2010

The joys of summer from my perspective

Summer is a wonderful time for me. As a dog, I get to experience a myriad of new smells, there is always grass to roll in and if I am lucky I can roll in on a pile of decomposing matter. My mother gets extremely upset when I do this, and once had to hose me down in a strangers garden. I can't fathom the reason. My sense of smell is so superior to hers and I can assure you that 'eau de dead animal' is a much nicer smell with far more character than your human scents.

One of my great joys is the outdoor markets, in particular the Main Street Market. This Market was designed by dogs I swear! It is large and spacious, none of the crowding I have seen in other markets. This gives us time to socialize and if I want, I can avoid certain dogs who got up on the wrong side of the bed. The human vendors are very well trained and give me treats. It is outside and I am always admired. The humans and their children are all trained to admire and appreciate dogs!

If that is not enough, there is a very large field outside of the market behind St. Paul University. My mother was a student there and speaks fondly of the fields and the peaceful atmosphere. She is right, it is a great place to run and meet other dogs. It is about the size of a soccer pitch and as I run, I feel like a superstar as my ears flap in the breeze and I charge around.

This is a perfect Saturday morning for me! My Dad takes me to the experimental farm where he leads volunteer teams and catalogues trees. I am an expert in trees! He is responsible for one section and lets us loose. What a lot of fun to watch the ducks. Sophie checks out for food. We also go to the Fletcher wildlife garden. It is really beautiful. We have a beautiful garden at home but Sophie and I love the Fletcher gardens!

It seems that when the sun is shining (But not too hot for me!) the humans take their dogs out a lot more and I always make new friends in the summer. There is no ice or salt to freeze my toes and I love the smell of linden blossoms and trees that greet my nose. I am not a beagle but why should they get all the glory for their noses! We Lhasa Apso's have brains, looks and a nose!

My sister Sophie enjoys outdoor BBQ's especially when Granmere is visiting. She always gives us lots of BBQ chicken and treats. I think Sophie loves food more than anything else in the world. She is a sweet but simple soul.

My work is going very well. I can see results and bring a lot of joy to the people I visit. I am told that the people I visit have Alzheimer's but to me they are just people and I can sense that they need my soft fur and little kisses more than most people. They seem to enjoy looking into my deep brown eyes and they always smile and talk. We dogs don't distinguish between dogs but I have noticed that you humans attach labels to others. I think this is a mistake. We are much happier when we open up to others and don't judge.

Since I cannot type, I have dictated this letter to my mother in the hopes that those of you who have dogs will appreciate what I have to say.

Kisses from Bubba

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