Tuesday, July 6, 2010

What a new Haircut can do! Hooray for short hair!

As a long haired dog, I have spent most of my time worried about my hair. I like when it flys in the wind, but it gets tangled in weeds, or snow gets in my toes, it is very hard to keep up. It gets matted, I worried about sticks and bugs, it was constant chore!

When I was younger my hair was pulled a lot and it hurt and now at 10 years of age, I have decided that no one is going to comb my hair. My Mom tried by feeding me treats but I know it will hurt.

My Mom took me to a groomer and they shaved my hair. Yep, I look like a labrador puppy...fuzzy and short haired. At first I was in shock...I was used to my long hair, it gave me a certain look of mystery...of auburn beauty. Once I left the groomer I waited until my Mom saw me. She was thrilled.

I look younger, I am more energetic and I can let my Mom cuddle me. I am no longer afraid and I have come to really enjoy being stroked and caressed. I always wanted to be affectionate but was so afraid of having my hair pulled, it stopped me. I now walk with a bounce in my step, people think I am a puppy. A lady never tells her real age but I am about 10 years old...so no puppy!

If you have never experienced the freedom of having your long draggy hair cut, trust me it is a life changing experience. With my new short cut, I am really a new dog. I have gone from being fearful to affectionate and sweet. I have become the dog I always knew I was.

I would have cut my own hair but I can't hold a pair of scissors in my paw and I have no idea how to use a shaver.

There is nothing like a trip to the hairdresser to make me feel like a new woman!

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