Sunday, March 31, 2013

The Easter Poodle

Everyone has heard of the Easter bunny..but let me tell you the Easter bunny has slipped over the years. How many people get inferior quality chocolates from the penny pinching rabbit? How many folks have had to settle for those horrid Cadbury Eggs...where oh where can we find an Easter animal with taste?

Enter the Easter poodle. The Easter poodle is a very elegant black miniature poodle who has impeccable manners and impeccable taste. Her calling card: The finest and best chocolate for the finest and best people.

This year the Easter poodle made four deliveries. The first was to our neighbours children. They were thrilled to find chocolates and a note from the Easter poodle. The little boy Carson was told that it was likely Karine but I corrected him that it in fact was the Easter poodle. The poodle also stopped at another neighbour whose grandchild had cancer. The poodle brought chocolates and a beautifully crafted ruby throated humming bird finger puppet. The intrepid poodle stopped at another neighbour who had a sick dog, now recovering, and the mother of a dog that we baby sit.

Her trademark chocolate is Lindt. She feels that lindt chocolates are smooth, creamy, delicious and have none of the horrid stuff found in cheaper imitation chocolate. She also brings toys as you see.

The little poodle has put away her basket for this year. She feels that she has done her share. Her housemate is also known as Santa Dog who brings homemade soup to the elderly on our street for Christmas.

If the Easter poodle visits you, consider yourself blessed as she also gives very nice kisses!

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