Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Bubba the fall of a titan

To the outside observer, I look like a dog. I have a tail, four legs and I bark but my soul is that of a King. I was a therapy dog..and made people talk...I could sense their needs and my calm demeanour and soulful eyes calmed many a furtive spirit.

I adopted my mother Karine and love her dearly. In fact, she went away on a bike trip and I appeared to her in a dream telling her I was not well and in trouble.

I am in trouble. I have cancer on my paw and it is virulent and aggressive. When she came home, it had exploded to the point where it was pushing against all my wrist joints I was in agony. It has been scraped clean and I am on antibiotics but it will come back.

I have the heart of a lion and the soul of a King...I see where others do not see and feel what they cannot feel...and yet I am afraid that my days of treading the soft grass in my backyard are drawing to a close.

My mother has cancelled an overnight bike ride for a charity because she knows I need her. Just to be close and just to be near her is what I need..to be surrounded by love.

To the outside observer, with an untrained eye, I look like a dog but I am Bubba.

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