Tuesday, June 19, 2012

LUNA in June

Hi...well I came to Wingate on January 1st, a pretty terrified little dog. Now it is mid June and let me tell you...

I dance with joy, I spin, I jump...I play with my toys. I love walks and homemade food and I sleep on the bed with Bubba, Karine and Cyril.

I have developed a very sunny and exuberant personality...and man can I bark! I can bark with the best of them!

In the morning after breakfast and apples, I get some toast and then a walk. I love walks...and I have become an expert off leash walker as well as an expert in running. I can keep pace with my mother, slow or medium..when I really run though, really she cant keep up with me.

My health problems are finally over. I had ear infections, an eye problem and mange..but that is all in the past. I have a regular groomer, favourite foods, loads of toys and LOVE to cuddle.

I am a very snuggly little dog!


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