Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Sophie's poem

Hello friends, I passed away today at around noon. I am sure many of you will be sad. This morning, I was on the deck and my mother sang hymns to me and prayed with me. I know I will be with God and that I shall see my mother and my father again.

Do not weep for me...I am not there
Do not cry for me...for I am at peace
Do not wait for me at the door of your home
Do not look for me at your window or on your walk

I will never forget the love you showed me
The soft strokes on my fur when others had abandoned me
When I was discarded and scared you saw my soul and you
loved me

I learned to trust and I learned to love
I learned that there is beauty in the world
I learned to listen to the birds sing, and feel a soft bed under me

I taught you that our time is now and that life is to be enjoyed
I watched you as you watched me run in the park or at the farmers market
I watched you as you smiled at my beauty and my spirit

Do not mourn for me. Learn from me and open your heart and your home to another and teach them to love and to trust. That is my gift to you.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Sophie says goodbye

My name is Sophie and for almost four years I have been so wonderfully blessed to live with Cyril, Karine and Bubba. I had lovely walks to dog parks, homemade food, great beds and was told daily how much I was loved. My earlier life was not very good and I felt many times that I was dreaming but woke up to be told how loved I was.

I was diagnosed with kidney failure about a week ago. I used to love food and even steal it! In fact, I stole one of my mother's energy bars and was so pleased. I don't have much of an appetite. My mother handfeeds me meatballs and bacon and anything I want but it is hard for me to eat. I still enjoy my walks...I love to feel the wind on my fur and feel the grass in my paws.

I am not sure how much longer I have. Life is a journey is it not. I went from pain and neglect to a wonderful and loving home. I have another journey to make but this time my mother Karine, my brother Bubba and my daddy Cyril cant come with me. I will wait for them! I promise I will not forget them because I know they wont forget me ever!

To all of my friends.. enjoy the time you have. Never forgo a treat or a chance to steal a ham sandwich from an unsuspecting picnic goer. Watch the rabbits and don't chase the squirrels. Enjoy a soft bed and never get tired when people tell you how much you are loved. Love them back!