Monday, August 29, 2011

Sophie says goodbye

My name is Sophie and for almost four years I have been so wonderfully blessed to live with Cyril, Karine and Bubba. I had lovely walks to dog parks, homemade food, great beds and was told daily how much I was loved. My earlier life was not very good and I felt many times that I was dreaming but woke up to be told how loved I was.

I was diagnosed with kidney failure about a week ago. I used to love food and even steal it! In fact, I stole one of my mother's energy bars and was so pleased. I don't have much of an appetite. My mother handfeeds me meatballs and bacon and anything I want but it is hard for me to eat. I still enjoy my walks...I love to feel the wind on my fur and feel the grass in my paws.

I am not sure how much longer I have. Life is a journey is it not. I went from pain and neglect to a wonderful and loving home. I have another journey to make but this time my mother Karine, my brother Bubba and my daddy Cyril cant come with me. I will wait for them! I promise I will not forget them because I know they wont forget me ever!

To all of my friends.. enjoy the time you have. Never forgo a treat or a chance to steal a ham sandwich from an unsuspecting picnic goer. Watch the rabbits and don't chase the squirrels. Enjoy a soft bed and never get tired when people tell you how much you are loved. Love them back!

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