Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Sophie the Finder

My name is Sophie and for many years I just survived. I did not really have a lot of joy in my life until I was adopted over a year ago by Cyril and Karine. I share my home with Bubba, the therapy and wonder dog. Sometimes it is really a pain sharing space with super dog. To show him who is boss I will sometimes put my nose on his back..just so he knows or give him a little slap when he comes back from work in a coat. Oh yes, Bubba the super dog works.

As for me, besides adoring my meals and a warm loving home, I have discovered a hidden talent that my mother finds charming. I can find things! Yesterday I found a silver ring while on a walk..but today I found a rabbit. I used to chase them but now I just pointed it out to my mom. It was nearly dark but I could see him... a frisky little brown thing that would make for a great chase. Somewhere in my brain my hunting background was awakened and on that darkened suburban street, I felt like Sophie the huntress. Yes I was Diana with her bow...only I was on a leash. I pointed out the rabbit and my mom was thrilled.

She came home and announced to my dad that I find things. I smiled smugly at the 'super dog' who was being warmed up by a blanket. I find things...yes you may work and win accolades and yes your wardrobe is a lot bigger than mine...but I find things!

Don't get me wrong, I love Bubba, but I want him to know I am more than just a pretty orange face!

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  1. Hey! You are charming! And noone can say otherwise! You are yourself, and for yourself, just and all that, we like you!