Thursday, March 11, 2010

Bubba replies

I am Bubba and for the past 6 years have lived with Karine and Cyril. Unlike most dogs, I am an intellectual and enjoy working. I work as a volunteer visiting Alzhiemers patients. It is very rewarding but exhausting work. Most of my patients have suffered many losses in their lives and I offer a warm touch and a few kisses. I am beloved where I work and some folks even sing songs to me. This is what I call a welcome!

Sophie moved in about a year ago. She is obsessed with food. Honestly, I just sit back and shake my head. I know my meal will come, and sometimes I have brunch instead of breakfast. Sophie is always trying to cuddle with me and within a week of moving in, tried to steal my bed.

I now volunteer twice a week for about an hour at a time. I would do it daily if I had a choice, but my driver has limited me to twice a week. My driver, is also my mom Karine.

While I am pretty wise, there are a few things about humans that elude me. The first is, what is their fascination with computers? The sun is shining, the snow is almost gone, and my mom is here typing my thoughts. I also want to know why I am not taken everywhere when my mom or dad use the car. I love cars! I wanted to be a race car driver but I cant reach the pedals. My last question about why cant they all get along. I watch the news at times with my mother and I am dismayed at the number of wars and conflicts. Dogs just dont do that. We say hello to all the other dogs. While I have heard of some doggie psychos who attack other smaller dogs in parks, I am pretty convinced that this condition was brought about by their environment, ie humans and not a genetic condition. If we dogs ran the world, there would be treats for all, and fights for none.

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