Sunday, October 3, 2010

Dogs in Church

Today Sophie and Bubba attended a blessing of the animals service at Mt. Calvary church. Bubba has been to church before and sat on a pew and slept through most of the service, peering on occasion to see what new dogs entered the church. Bubba is like many church goers, he goes for the social interaction.

Sophie on the other hand was fascinated. She sat beside me on the pew and watched everything. She was fascinated as Duffy did the service with her huge malamute beside her. Sophie found Jack the malamute very handsome. Sophie enjoyed the music but did not sing but was especially pleased because church has treats. Not only music but treats and food and a chance to interact again.

For the most part, the dogs were very good. At first they were uncertain and gradually as the service went on the dogs calmed down. The choice of hymns and psalms no doubt assisted!

Sophie received her blessing with the help of a cookie, and Bubba assisted a rather nervous little daschund to calm down. Bubba is such a relaxed little soul that he can calm down the most tense and anxious of situations!

There were pugs, hounds, daschunds, little miniature poodles, malamutes, corgies and other assorted dogs including lhasa apsos!

Sophie was excited to be in church. It was new, it was welcoming. She found the pew a little narrow but managed. She loved the fellowship and especially the lemon cake. Sophie is very fond of lemon cakes. Bubba refused all dog treats but did condescend to nibble on a maple cookie and partake of some lemon cake.

The idea of the service was to bless the animals and to allow us to thank God for letting us share our lives with them but I think that animals could have a much larger role in church. It was not only Sophie who enjoyed fellowship but so did the people. Having a dog relaxes people and gives them other things to chat about than the weather or their health concerns. Dogs lift us out of the mundane and show us that there is a big bright world out there as Sophie will tell you. The world is full of people to meet, things to discover, and of course lemon cake.

Why not have services where dogs are allowed? I am sure it would bring many people to church, some lonely and others who would appreciate the soft touch of a furry paw on a Sunday morning.

Sophie has told me that she would gladly join a church, as long as there are treats, good music and people...count her in!

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